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Hello OE Soccer families,






On May 8th during the Varsity game half time, Olathe East and Olathe Northwest will be raising awareness of the impact cancer has on so many families.  This year both schools have chosen to recognize Colon Cancer in memory of Olathe East dad John Mitus and in honor of Amy Marks, an Olathe Northwest mom that is currently battling the disease.






The fundraising effort will be done through sales of the Inaugural Kick Cancer t-shirt in Carolina blue, different colored balloons that represent several types of cancer and “I Kick Cancer” signs to honor your loved one.   The teams will also be selling cookies during lunch the day before and the day of the game.  All proceeds are being donated to KU Cancer Center in memory of John Mitus.






The half time event will be simple.  Players from OE and ONW will be releasing balloons, then the fans will release balloons and then everyone will hold up their signs.  






Varsity, Junior Varsity and C Team players will be given a white (home team) Inaugural Kick Cancer t-shirt purchased by the OE Booster Club.  They will play in these t-shirts during their games against Olathe Northwest earlier in the day.






All player and fan balloons are available for purchase.  “I Kick Cancer” signs are included with the purchase of a t-shirt or a balloon and are also available separately.  Balloons and signs will be available at the game as well.






Please encourage your friends and family to attend the Inaugural Kick Cancer game and support the teams and the families that have been affected.  We hope that C team and JV players, families and fans will join in the celebration after their games that day.






Orders for T-shirts and balloons are due on April 30th.  We will have the t-shirts back in time for everyone to wear it to the game and balloons will be passed out before and during the first half of the game.  Checks should be made payable to OE girls soccer booster club and turned into their coach. 






If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Susan Wagner (269-0779).